Happy Friday!

Thank you so much for your kind words on Wednesday’s post. I was very nervous to hit publish because I was pretty honest and you were just as kind!

So, thank you. It truly means so much to me!

Now, I have one more super easy update for you.

And y’all. I cannot even believe this worked.


Yep. I hot glued fabric to make this pillowcase.

Last Friday, I practically ran out of the fabric store when I saw this arrow fabric and that night when I got home, I couldn’t WAIT to do something with it!

Of course, I don’t know how to sew so there was a small problem but I sure can work a hot glue gun!

Step 1. Cut out your fabric around another pillowcase.

Step 2. Face the pattern together.

Step 3. Hot glue the edges, but of course, leave a place for the opening!

Step 4. Stuff the pillow in there.

Step 5. You can hot glue the edges folded under, or just leave it.

(Also, note the difference in nighttime photos and daytime….gotta love some natural light!)

Pillow Steps


IMG_5218 IMG_5219 IMG_5220 IMG_5231 IMG_5230 IMG_5224 IMG_5232

NO sewing, hot glue, cheap fabric…I’d say it’s win! You can check out how we made our desk here and more about the small space I could not wait to make over!!

Now, to fill that pillowcase I stole this one out of…


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