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Wow! What an amazing surprise to see our story featured on The Nester this weekend. You know how much I adore her and her laid-back style and nature so it truly was a dream come true!

If you’re new here, I am SO thankful you are here! Your thoughtful comments truly made my day!

I wanted to share some playroom progress with you today! The playroom is slowly moving along as we finish up little things here and there!


One thing I KNEW I wanted was a basketball goal for the boys. I’m not sure if you know but Kuy is absolutely obsessed. As in, he has to wear jerseys all the time, he knows rules, moves, and even some of the beautiful songs played at games (he even has on a jersey at school today!).

(Oh, and I find the tackiest best jerseys at thrift stores.)

IMG_4747 IMG_4769

I mean for 50 cents, you really can’t beat something that makes this little guy so happy!


Needless to say, a basketball goal was a MUST HAVE for this room.

I don’t love the plastic basketball goals (although somehow they are still all over our house) and I had pinned this one years ago!  I knew THIS was the look I could handle.

It says it’s from Fixer Upper but I can’t find a direct link!


It didn’t look all that difficult and I knew we had an extra pallet from our pallet sofas (if you don’t have any just around your house (not implying you’re a hoarder like me), Lowe’s sells them or you could ask shops or just be on the lookout on the side of the road!).

I struggled to find only a rim so I ordered this goal on Amazon.


See? Somehow that just didn’t fit the whole coastal/farmhouse vibe we had going in the playroom.

But this goal, it was perfect!


Russ sawed the boards off the pallets and fit them together. He insisted on a square and since I’m not the basketball coach, I let him decide.

From there, we numbered the backs of them so we would know where it would go on the wall. I’m sure you could use braces on the back to hold it together but we KNEW this would be there for a while and we wanted it absolutely secure to the wall in case one of them pulled it down for any hard core games! We used the same nail gun we used for the plank wall, except we were sure to use two inch nails to go through the boards into the plaster wall.

Basketball Goal Steps

Fortunately, the goal we bought did NOT come put together which is EXACTLY what we were hoping for! That way we could just attach the rim to the backboard we made!


For the rim, Russ used wood glue and some 2-inch screws and again, drilled it directly into the wall.


This was actually much easier than I thought! And for $30 (because we only had to pay for the goal), I love the look it gives the playroom!


I truly want this room to exemplify what they love. And for my wild men, one of those loves is basketball!

DIY Basketball Goal

P.S. My goal (he he, no pun intended!) is to have one more update for you this week and hopefully, a reveal! Fingers crossed we get it knocked out!