Good morning!

Although we completely gutted our home, the fact is that it is still over 100 years old. Therefore, there’s always some kind of project going on. Plus, when you move it seems like it takes years to settle in. I’ve also found that your style (mine does, at least) seems to evolve over time so I struggle to makeover a room all at once!

Hopefully, you’re NOT like me and you always decorate your master bedroom first when you move, renovate, whatever. Unfortunately, our master bedroom ALWAYS gets the last of everything.

For me, other areas of the house that are SEEN daily seem to be way more important than our bedroom BUT now that ours is slightly more aesthetically pleasing, it’s like I feel so much more relaxed.

Lesson learned: do the space you wake up to in the morning first!

Russ and I desperately needed storage in this room because I wasn’t exactly in love with the wicker dress from my high school bedroom.

I knew though that typical nightstands would not work beside our bed but that smaller dressers would fit and provide storage!

As luck would have it, a couple of months apart, I found almost matching dressers that were perfect for either side!

You also already know from my affection for painting furniture that I couldn’t leave it dark. Plus, we have a piece in our bedroom that was my grandfather’s grandmother’s so I can’t exactly paint it or my mom would kill me.

SO I grabbed sample of Heather Gray by Valspar (I saw this color on The Lettered Cottage’s island) and I was smitten.


However, because I don’t like to work that hard on furniture, I used a chalk paint mixture so I would not have to sand.IMG_5207

I took a tablespoon of unsanded grout and poured it directly into the sample. (same formula as our buffet!)


I even painted directly over the handles after two would not come off much debate.


Now, as so many other projects around the house, our bedroom is slowly coming together.

IMG_5206 IMG_5215 IMG_5212

AND the best part?? It’s almost ENTIRELY thrifted like our dining room!


Headboard-old door
Lamps-Goodwill (Target!)
Nightstands-Haven of Rest
Duvet-GOODWILL FOR $6! I even PUT IT BACK and a lady talked me into it that I didn’t even know! Oh, how I love those adventures (And don’t worry, Mom, I had it dry cleaned.)
Chairs-Haven of Rest years ago that I had recovered
Little stand-Haven of Rest

And finally, a before from before we renovated and today!

bedroom before and after

Are you sensing a theme? I cannot even explain how much I love going to thrift stores. I always, always, always loved finding a bargain but now it’s gotten so bad that I cannot even justify 75% off at a retail store if I THINK I can get it at a thrift store! ESPECIALLY with my boys’ clothes! They go through them so quickly and as much as Kuy loves jerseys, I come out way cheaper!

It’s really all Shannan’s fault for putting out the Secondhand Challenge. Oh, man, how she has changed my life!

So what do you think? Are you a thrifter or a no-sand kind of DIYer?