Don’t shoot me.

I know chalkboard walls aren’t technically “in” anymore but the moment I knew this room would be the boys’ playroom, I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall.

playroom before anything

What does this floor have to do with anything? It’s the only picture I can find of the playroom and THIS was what the floor looked like in this room when we bought the house! Now, it has the most beautiful hardwood in the entire house!

Yes, I do think chalkboard walls and accents can be overdone but seriously when we needed to do real things like hang lights, I was upstairs using the last little bit of chalkboard paint from the refrigerator to have SOMETHING cute in this house! (Desperate times call for desperate measures…)

Anyway, now that this room is ALMOST complete, I begged politely asked Russ to add the molding to frame it so I could post about it (in similar fashion to the basketball goal), but also to have a finished room upstairs for the boys—-seriously, priorities people.

IMG_5252 IMG_5255This wall and molding are pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to angle the corners correctly and caulk the places where the molding meets (we did the molding AFTER the wall was painted). Once it’s painted (I only did one coat), be sure to “prime” it with chalk. I wiped mine down with a wipe and you can see it was a little streaky. No worries here! You already know we aren’t about perfection!

IMG_6106 IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6110 IMG_6112 IMG_6113

I do not have a single picture of the “frame” process because the coach did it while I was at a shoot for which I am beyond thankful!

And a little before and after of how far this little room has come!

2015-03-26_0001What do you think about chalkboard? In or out?

If you are looking to add personalized mounted wall art to your DIY chalk board, Shutterfly has many options that can complement your living space! I love having their photo books around my house to flip through our memories at any time!


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