Good morning!

I am SO excited (I’m pretty sure I start every post like that which hopefully tells you that I kind of love this writing thing…) to share with you my friend’s Etsy shop!

2015-04-01_0003Randi and I met through our husbands. Andy, Randi’s husband, and Russ worked together when Andy moved here from KANSAS several years ago then we had the pleasure of going to their wedding after Andy moved back home! We actually flew out to Kansas the day we found out Kuy was a boy! They had THE most beautiful wedding complete with snow and incredible pictures! Plus, Russ and Andy are kind of soul mates. They absolutely adore each other and we have worked tirelessly to convince them to move here (I’m not sure why we think our little home town is the greatest but we kind of do.). Not only because we LOVE them but because they have two boys that are directly in between Kuy and Cray!


Now, Randi has decided she wants to stay home with those little men and she opened up her shop! You KNOW I love a good thrift store find but if I can buy something my boys will love and support something, too, you better believe I’m on it! (I love sites like Sevenly, too, that give a portion of their proceeds to a different charity each week! Noonday, etc. All of these are incredible!)

2015-04-01_0006Randi custom made these little tees for the boys and they are PERFECT for Easter! (Not to worry, she has SO many options of adorable shirts not just for Easter!!)


Soft, SOFT cotton and absolutely adorable!

It would mean so much for you to visit her shop with the cutest name, The Littlest Pog!

 (This is NOT a sponsored post! I just really love my friends!)