Good morning! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with your families and friends! I was kind of quiet on social media all weekend because I couldn’t seem to find the right words. Kuy has been asking a lot of questions about the entire Easter story and as we tried to explain it, my words seemed to be jumbled for him and for myself, as well.

How do you explain what truly happened and the magnificence behind it all?

It is humbling and breath-taking and we truly enjoyed just celebrating and being together all weekend.

So on a much lighter note, I’m excited to share with you our striped floors today! Like most of the projects around here, it was so easy–the hard part was just finding the right paint color!

When we bought our foreclosure three years ago, there was SO much work to do.

And one of the main things I couldn’t wait to do was tackle this room.


Let’s face it: painted flowers on beautiful hardwood floors wasn’t exactly what I envisioned for my future office.

photoBecause I love all things coastal and I have quickly become obsessed with stripes, I decided to try my own stripes on the floor.

I knew I couldn’t mess it up more than it already was!

Thankfully, the floor boards ran horizontally so I could use those lines as a basis for straight lines!

Unfortunately, it took ELEVEN coats of paint! My suggestion to you is to find the color before you start painting! I wanted very, very light gray but I am very cheap so I used what I had and kept mixing and kept mixing and kept mixing until I got it right!

IMG_5221 IMG_5224 IMG_5229

I sanded it lightly and sealed it once I let the paint dry for several days (painstakingly because I have NO patience when I want a project complete!).


Now, it’s one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Tiny Office Makeover

Happy painting! You can see the full office reveal here!

How to Paint a Striped Floor