Hey, friends!

I am so grateful for you! Truly! It means so much to share this space with you and be able to encourage each other and see growth among so many areas of our lives.


Thank you SO much for your kind words and excitement about our SURPRISING news. Yes, you read that right. This was a huge surprise to us (the boys were carefully planned) but one we are very excited and grateful for each day.

Unfortunately, that little surprise is making me so sick everyday. I haven’t blogged or been on social media hardly at all for the last few weeks. Why? Because scrolling on my phone even makes me sick. It’s the weirdest thing!

So, please, please forgive me! Know we are so excited and that I am not complaining but I am very ready to make it through the first trimester because I really hope the all day sickness ends when I hit thirteen weeks! (Right now, I’m 11 weeks!)

On top of this excitement, this is such a busy time for us and everyone we know! As you know, I have resigned from teaching but this time of year in the education world is crucial and busy and fun. (Please hug your child’s teacher or a teacher you know! If you’re a teacher, know a teacher, have a child that goes to school, or just are breathing right now, you know how busy this time of year is as we finish up the lovely standardized testing and end the school year on a positive, strong note….so please forgive me!)

Thanks so much for sticking around and letting me breathe as I wrap up my time at school and enjoy these last couple of months with all of my babies (students and biological children, included!).


Anyway, I have tried to finish projects but there has been no time (or energy–hello, first trimester)!

Have you ever read Jen Hatmaker’s Worst End of School Year Mom Ever? It’s epic. And right now, I feel just like that as a teacher AND mother! I’m struggling, y’all. (One of my students. Yep. How we all feel, bud!)


I want to finish strong so badly so things around here may fall by the wayside. Which honestly, stinks because I feel like I’m just getting to know some of you but I promise promise promise we have a really exciting backyard project coming up AND I am almost finished with the playroom.

And did I tell I officially have a child in sports? I only agreed because it’s only six weeks and ONLY on Friday nights. That I can handle.

The new Friday night. #tball #bestbuds
The new Friday night. #tball #bestbuds

So for the next few weeks, things may not be as “consistent” around these parts. I have a couple of things to share  and I cannot stop thinking…Could I have picked a worse time to be inconsistent since I was just part of an amazing home tour?!? What am I thinking!?

I really, really want to finish the playroom for you and I bought the perfect little table from a friend that I can’t wait to show you!

Plus, I don’t want to just “post to post,” you know? I truly find this place to be a space where I share with you and that it’s meaningful! I want the words I am given to hold truth and meaning and for you to feel like we are sitting here having a conversation. And I can’t do that if it’s forced and I’m just sharing so I’ll have something for the sake of the “blog.”

So thank you…thanks for hanging in there with me as we wrap up this busy but fun time of year! I pray you’ll hang in there with all of us as we finish this year strong!


 Oh, and if you’re curious…details of the pregnancy:

  • HUGE surprise!
  • due 11.28.15 (yes, my Southern friends, the day of the Clemson/Carolina game!)
  • I’m due on a Saturday and Russ’ first game is that Tuesday.
  • Hence, why I cried when I told him because as I sobbed, “I’m due during basketball season!”
  • Kuy is SUPER excited and tells everyone he sees his mommy has a baby in her belly!
  • Morning sickness seems to last all day unless I eat every ten-twenty minutes…
  • I’m already showing! Is this normal for a third?
  • We are VERY grateful! And excited and thankful God sent us this little surprise!