Are you ready?

I was SO surprised. And nervous to make sure it was healthy but much to my surprise, not Russ’, it’s a….



We even asked several times to be sure! 


I should’ve known because I am so darn emotional (and I’m usually not at all!).

I have been so sick.

But I don’t think I would have it any other way.  We have been so surprised this entire pregnancy, why not one more surprise!

I told Russ as a child thinking of being a mom, I always wanted a boy first if I had a girl but, too, I was scared of a girl! God obviously had other plans! 

I have just felt so different altogether BUT this trimester, thankfully,  I feel so much better! In fact, I actually have a post for you for Monday!

Now, to finish my LAST day of school and settle in with my biological babies but enjoy my last little bit with my school babies!

Happy Friday, friends!