I have to admit. This project was super cheap for us because we had most of the supplies on hand. No, we aren’t hoarders but there was a porch swing already here so we reused those hooks, we had free pallets and we used leftover screws and wood from the treehouse!


The only thing we had to buy was rope (and we had more than enough!). So our total was $17.40…not quite under $15 but I wanted to have more rope than we actually needed JUST in case.


At 58 cents a foot, it’s EASILY doable under $15!

This was honestly a VERY simple project. And if you’ve been hanging around for a while, you know we don’t really do a lot that’s not simple…well, the treehouse was slightly difficult but all I did was take pictures. 🙂

Russ took two pallets and joined them together with a 1×4.

photo-10 photo-16

It’s up to you if you want to join them long ways. We wanted to use a crib mattress since this was for a porch swing. However, I am dreaming of one hanging from a tree in our backyard!

Next, he took a 2×4 to brace underneath.



Then, using a hole saw he drilled two holes in the 2×4 for our rope to actually hold the swing. We bought 3/4″ thick rope (58 cents/foot) but y’all, we seriously had MORE than enough. This was the trickiest/easiest part (is there such a thing?).

All you have to do is push the rope through the rung at the top. We used the brackets from our porch swing but you could easily find these at your home improvement store. The guy at Lowe’s said to take some twine and tie at the top of these so it wouldn’t lean forward. BUT seeing as how Russ was out of town at the due date of this post, that part didn’t exactly happen.

Also, to make cutting the rope easier, tape it!


Last, find the nearest basketball player that happens to stop by to hold the pallet and hang it up!

IMG_1339We double knotted it and I would like to fray the ends but again, time is of the essence and we are kind of short on it lately!


What do you think? Doable for super cheap?



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