GOOD MORNING! Boy, do I have a surprise for you today!?! In the midst of unpacking, finishing up the treehouse, staining the deck and trying to do something with our outdoor space, all before Russ goes back to school, I asked one of my FAVORITE designers aka one of my FAVORITE people to share with you today! Tammy and I are those people that text each other at all hours random pictures of a crooked gallery wall or paint swatches or a room that needs help. You will not believe her home and will want to run as fast as you can to follow her on Instagram! When you get there, can you help me beg her to start a blog? 🙂

Hello everybody! I’m so excited to be here today! When Amber asked if I wanted to write a post for her while she wrapped up her vacation, I immediately said YES! Amber and I live and teach in the same town, and she is such a great friend and inspiration to me with all of her beautiful and creative DIY’s! So I’m thrilled, honored, and honestly a bit nervous to be here today to give you guys a little tour of my home. 

Without a doubt, decorating is my happy place. Well, let’s just say I’m happy until I’m about to pull my hair out because I couldn’t get something the way I wanted after trying like 50 times! But seriously, there’s not a lot that makes me more excited than when a good wholesome DIY turns out right! I’m also all about a thrift find or better yet a free find! So many items in my home are repurposed and DIYed…

So let’s get started! As you can see from our front porch I love using light and bright colors whenever I can, especially during the summer.1

Come on in! 

I fell in love with these 2 colorful coral and pink Kate Spade boxes from TJ Maxx and knew they would be the inspiration for my summer foyer wall update. Then using some Target dollar bin notecards, wrapping paper, a gift bag, and an IKEA place mat which I already had, this wall was complete.


Our home has an open floor plan, so you immediately see the foyer, dining, living, kitchen and breakfast areas when you walk through the front door. To the right of the foyer is our dining room. I painted it this soft blue last summer and love how it’s still neutral enough to go with so many different colors.

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This chair and “little tree table” as my girls call it, are two of my favorite things in the room. The chair was an old ugly thrift find, but nothing that a little paint and faux fur couldn’t take care of. The tree table was a recent Homegoods find that made me very happy!


Onto the kitchen and breakfast area…Here’s a peek into the kitchen. I’ve been contemplating some different ideas to add more interest under my bar area and I think it will definitely be my next project. 


Our breakfast table is really where we spend a lot of time eating, doing homework, crafts, projects etc.


In an effort to give this area a lighter feel, I painted this once black table white and when I thought brush painting three of the chairs would never end, I said forget this, sprayed painted the last one blue, gave it a little white distressing and called it a day.8

Right before my husband and I got married, we bought this hutch. It was our first piece of “real” furniture and I remember being so excited! But the pine wood just wasn’t working with my style anymore, so I painted this baby a few years ago and it was a game changer for sure. Not only because it gave this area new life and a pop of color, but it was also my first big painting project. After that there was no stopping me and paint and I became the best of friends!


I really wanted a crisp airy feel for summer in our master bedroom, so I’ve kept things pretty neutral, well for me this is really neutral! My mom gave me the little battery operated lights you see above the bed and I love using them in these glass mason jars. They’re so pretty and romantic at night. And speaking of the bed, our headboard is one thing I have been dying to replace. What I have in mind will definitely be a DIY and I can’t wait to finally tackle that project!


This is the matching nightstand that came with our bed and of course I painted it too, many different times, many different colors, but the most recent is this coral that I came up with by mixing several different samples together until I got the shade I wanted.





Remember that thrift find chair in the dining room? Well, this is her sister and I’ve moved her around the house quite a lot. Right now, she resides here in our bedroom where she mainly collects clothes, throws, and other clutter.




The living room is the last room to be repainted in our home. In fact as we speak, two of the four walls are painted the new color, and the other two still have different color samples scattered all over them, and don’t even ask me about how many samples I bought to get that perfect gray, ackkk!!! Anyway you can see I love using mini lights all year round! I’m all about mood lighting and my space having a romantic and cozy feel at night. We use these almost every night and not just special occasions.

14 15 16 17 19 18

Next are my daughter’s rooms. They both choose their own wall colors and helped with all of the decorating decisions.


Last summer, I decided to redecorate our youngest daughter’s room about a week before I started back to work. Not my brightest idea! I had two goals when I began this project late one Friday night. The first was to spend as little money as possible and repurpose all of her old accessories and furniture to match the new room, and the second was to have it completed in three days. I bought the quilt for 29.99 (which was our color inspiration), the curtains for 24.99 (which is actually a duvet cover), a new print above her bed from Hobby Lobby, a gallon of paint and 3 cans of spray paint (I already had the other craft paints I used on hand) and goal one was accomplished! I finally finished the room around 2 am that Monday morning and met goal two. I worked around the clock that entire weekend, drank a lot of coffee and was ill as a hornet much of the time, but I think I’m probably most proud of this room because I completely changed the entire color scheme and gave it a whole new look for next to nothing.

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And that’s a wrap! Amber, thank you so much for inviting me to share my home!

So are you breathing? Is it not absolutely stunning!?! She thinks of EVERY detail! Now, go! Follow her on IG or leave her a comment here!