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Almost one year ago this month, I started this blog and I can assure you that I NEVER thought I would be collaborating with such amazing talent!!  So today, here are some of my friends sharing how we are going back to school in STYLE!



You have to go check out these beautiful back to school ideas from some of my favorite people!


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Simple Stylings

I am so grateful for this community and for friends such as these and tonight, we are having our very first Upstate blogger meet up! I cannot wait!!!

So today, if you’re new here, welcome! You can read a little bit about us and our craziness here and how we came to live in this old house!

Let me just tell you. I could NOT think of what I truly wanted to do in this space. Around here, what we do has to be meaningful. Meaning I can’t just do a project just to do a project, especially now that we are about to be on one income (although, I had a school dream last night).

And I thought I had a brilliant idea! (Well, Martha Stewart did but I thought I could tweak it…)


I loved this!

But I wanted it with a window. Which I couldn’t find. Then I found one and realized how would that organize my stuff? Would a towel bar hold everything I need? Doubtful.

Cray will have lots of adorable art work this year and Kuy brings home important papers on Monday that I think I’m supposed to actually READ.

And Russ, well, goodness knows I need a practice schedule somewhere.

So that’s what I did. I made a list of exactly what I needed a space to provide to help organize. So I can’t believe this actually worked.

I (Russ) took two shelves we had stuffed stored in a closet gave them a coat of white chalk paint and screwed them together. Then, using two planks from the treehouse siding, we made a top. That’s it!



I used baskets I moved from the playroom and put my camera equipment in one. Then, I spray painted a wire tray (an old thrifted find that used to hold mail) designated just for Kuy gold (which may be my favorite thing!) and spray painted another old thrifted find gold to hold folders. When I find a pretty gold marker, I’ll label the folders!

IMG_1874 IMG_1871

(I also spray painted some plastic baskets white but they’re still empty…not for long, I’m sure!

Finally, I hung my chicken wire frame from our Christmas card display for a practice schedule and Cray’s cute artwork.

IMG_1875 IMG_1872

Now for my disclaimer: There was NO natural light in here the day I took these (yesterday). Of course there was an afternoon storm (Praise the Lord!) by the time I finished so there was no light coming in. I’m almost embarrassed by the shadows in these pictures. Such is life. 

IMG_1856 IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1868

Now, go see my friends and see how they’re headed back to school in style!!


Design POST Interiors

Primitive & Proper

Simple Stylings

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