This post is long overdue but in the little bit of free time I’ve found, I find myself dying to pick up a book or reading articles on the webs.

This book a sweet friend let me borrow was truly beautiful. Sarah Mae puts on Allume and knowing that felt like I “knew” her a little so I loved how she described what we should all truly long for on Earth…

I’m in the middle of Simply Tuesday but I have to take my time with it. Emily puts together such eloquent words.

For the past few weeks, we’ve just been flat out adjusting. To what? Well, our new schedule. Russ had basketball, then he didn’t. Then, school started back for Kuy. Then, it started for Cray.


And we will do it again in November when the baby comes. I have not one thing done for the nursery (I did buy some tassels today for the curtains already in that room!) and as a photographer, I’m entering the busiest season of the year. But isn’t it worth it?!


And I have felt this: among photographers, bloggers, stay at home moms, working moms, all of it.  Cassie (Primitive and Proper…a must follow) hit the nail on the head. So thankful for her.

You already know how much I love Jen Hatmaker and I finished her latest book, For the Love, about a month ago. She cracks me up as always but I still think Interrupted or Seven may be my favorite.

“Our public worlds are built to drain us… know it and as a generation we must fight harder than every generation before us to build and keep a private world.” -Jennie Allen. Read the post here. This describes exactly how I felt. It’s like I couldn’t get it together in my private world so I felt of no use to you in this public world.

Oh, and because I can’t leave a reading list without something from my girl, Shannan (Flower Patch Farmgirl).

(This picture better be enough to tell you to click over to her site now.)

Kids After School

(via Flower Patch Farmgirl)

Lastly, what do you think of this decluttering trend? I’m curious if you’ve read it and if I should buy the book!

So tell me! What are you reading that I need to read!?!


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