When I started this blog two years ago (oh my, how I’ve grown!), it was to inspire. It was because I was so cheap that I knew I could make things work for us on a super tight budget.  Because I wanted you to know it doesn’t have to be expensive. And now that we are adjusting to one income, it’s even more apparent that it’s on a tight budget. There’s no wiggle room. There’s no, “Hey, let’s change this room so I have something to blog about!” Everything must have a distinct purpose.

I like pretty things but I like function. And the older my boys get, the wilder they get, which means more friends and more toys. And I needed to find a happy balance.

I have by no means have it figured out but I sure do like to look at pretty pictures like the rest of us.

I am inspired by the beautiful pictures but always, always in the back of my mind, I say to myself, My house could never look like that.

Because it doesn’t.


So I don’t want you to ever leave here and feel like that.

My house doesn’t look like that today and it won’t tonight.

Yes, it’s cleaned up for pictures but that’s what it looks like all the time because I can’t stage shoes propped up neatly. Said shoes are probably in the floor in another room.

IMG_7482 IMG_7483

Toys are coraled the best way I know how (like this DIY ottoman that’s full of books) and the upstairs is typically a mess.

Restless Arrow - DIY Ottoman (1 of 8)There are dishes in the sink, but we just fixed the dishwasher (YAY!), and laundry piled in front of the dryer, although we worked hard to also make it a pretty space.

Laundry Before (6 of 11)

I guess, my hope is that you come here and find it to be real.



You find it to be that when we chose these couches it was to seat as many people as possible.

That tiny little blonde head thinks he belongs with them. And the best part? They just let him. #sothankful #morethanideserve #bearbasketballbreakfast

The ottomans in the fireplace, more seating.

Two slipcovered couches=six to eight people in my mind.

We decorate for comfort and the pretty comes later in the pillows, that are usually on the floor, and the blankets that are usually in a pile.

IMG_5203When I decorate a space my first thought is comfort–I have this fear that people won’t want to sit down when they walk in. Also, I tried to make a mood board once and it was a disaster.

So, I think it takes time. Yes, you can envision a space but for me, I needed to go to all white to see what worked for me. I needed to start blank so I can easily add what I loved.

Now, I may even add a pop of red for fall!

I loved these white couches for function, style, and their comfort.

Restless Arrow - DIY Ottoman (4 of 8)

I just want you to know we are far from perfect and next week when I post a fall home tour, please know I didn’t spend a lot of money. Know that your space doesn’t have to be perfect (why The Nester is one of my favorites) and that just because you see a picture like this doesn’t mean every space in my home is fixed.

Restless Arrow - DIY Ottoman (6 of 8)

We still have so much to do and so much to finish and that’s what makes it fun!

Now, we have a nursery to decorate and less than ten weeks to do it in!! 🙂 (And I’ll bet you can never guess what color we are painting the walls!!!)