Unfortunately for me, you may have already figured this out. If not, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Goodwill now carries Target items!

Sigh. I know.

I realized a while back that I haven’t ever showed you the boys’ bathroom or our bathroom. The boys’ bathroom wasn’t in terrible shape like the master bathroom was when we bought this house but one change we made was moving the claw foot tub to the master bathroom.


The walls were replaced in here, the claw foot tub was moved downstairs (and refinished) to our bathroom so the boys got just a tub and shower.

Our awesome friends helped tile the surround so I really should post about that, too!

ANYWAY, last year, while digging through the linen bin at the Goodwill, I came across this navy and white ikat pattern. Immediately, I thought of a curtain! But, the more I walked around with it and perusing the store for more finds, the more my mind wandered…this would be the perfect shower curtain for my boys’ bathroom!

For $2, I gladly took it home with me, washed it, ironed it, and cut it in half!

First, I folded the sheet in two evenly and just cut along the edge. I was not worried about it fraying because I knew it’d be covered.


Don’t worry, I can’t sew, so with a little dab of hot glue, I attached some pom pom trim (from the local fabric store) to cover up the jagged edges, and ten minutes later, the boys have an adorable new shower curtain!


And there ya go! Now, please know the boys don’t shower up here so there’s not a liner.  If so, I’d use a double rod or hooks and just hide the liner behind one curtain!



And because with our old home, before and afters make me feel so much better…


What do you think? I saw some tassel trim in BHG this month and I’m thinking of that for the nursery! I’ll share plans soon, I promise! Happy Wednesday, friends!

No Sew Shower Curtain