Well. This post is lonnnnnggg overdue since you know, I’m oh THIRTY-TWO weeks pregnant! Yes. You read that right. How did it go so fast?

And as of Saturday morning, the nursery still looked like this…(iPhone pic and remember it’s been raining for days and days)

IMG_4971Now, at least it’s painted and furniture is moved where we THINK we want it to go!

I had big dreams.

Like House Seven‘s beautiful nursery…



And Tanya’s


And of course, Mallory’s


So that’s my biggest inspiration but remember that time I quit my job? Yes, well, it has been THE biggest blessing for our family. However, we can’t exactly just go pick out whatever we want because we are having a girl.

And when my friend down the street asked if I wanted her white crib for FREE, I said YES! (Cray’s kind of having a hard time saying that his little sister can have his so we thought the transition may be easier with a new one. You should also know he’s been in a big boy bed for TWO months so you’d think he’d be over it by now. Yep. Not so much!)

I KNEW I wanted whites and golds and just a touch of pink. And it’s funny because of course, there was SO much inspiration for that exact vision. I never really thought I would like the gold dots but now after seeing House Seven’s, I’m thinking about doing that above the picture molding (see below where that lavender is) and on the ceiling. What are your thoughts? Or should we paint it a pale, pale pink?

Anyway, I know we haven’t come very far, but it is easier knowing that the room used to look like this.


So stay tuned! That’s probably all you’ll hear about for the next few weeks!

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I’d love to know what you think and if you have any good resources for gold dots and ideas for this fireplace!