The house is quiet, I’m attempting to check some e-mail while really scrolling quickly through Facebook, being drawn into Paige’s story and just amazed.

God is good. All the time. When the days are long and we still seem to all be adjusting to me being home because somehow I’m not getting anything done. The house is still a mess. But today, it’s a new day. I remembered to set the dishwasher and I remembered to spray paint the curtain rod and basket I found on clearance.

And my new favorite song is blaring.

At the cross, I surrender my life. I’m in awe of you.

Because, I am. I am in awe. This week, on the way to four shoots, I heard this song each time. And last night, when I almost cried twice on the way to a shoot (which I never do—is this because I’m having a girl?), I heard this song and then it went off and it was on the next station!

God, I bow down. At the cross, I surrender my life.

I’m in awe that I get to be home.

I’m in awe that I get to take pictures of people because they trust me. How did that even happen?

I’m in awe that I have three amazing boys in my home that love me. No questions asked. When I fail as a wife and mother. When I get upset and I (insert gasp) raise my voice.

They still love me.

So even though I had planned for this to be a nursery update with some inspiration, I had to share that with you. That’s why even though my house is quiet, the blog has been a little quiet, too. I miss writing and I miss this community. But I’m still here. Just sort of in the background…

Here’s what I have envisioned and some items that I really like (but you know that I have scoured thrift stores for these or used what we have around the house).

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration


Mobile-Fleur Lux
Rug-Rugs USA
Jenny Lind Crib
Gold Vinyl Dots-Amazon
Gold Mirror
Knobs-Hobby Lobby

Other ideas Cheeky Tummy suggested can be found here.

Happy Wednesday, friends!!