Rugs USA provided me a rug for review but all opinions are 100% my own. You can read my disclosure here.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was shocked to say the least. I knew this little bundle of joy would be born during basketball season and with a husband that’s a head coach, this was a big deal for our family. But surprisingly, when I told my husband, he was excited. Even though I cried that “at least it would be due before region play,” he just laughed.

“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing…The LORD hath done great things for them.”

Pslam 126:2

Then, we found out it was a GIRL. And we asked a million times if the technician was sure and that there was no way it wouldn’t NOT be a girl, right?


We were, again, shocked but excited.

I was hesitant and scared and nervous. How are we going to raise a girl in a world such as this? Of course, God whispered to my soul that He would guide me. But I still answer to anyone that asks…I’m nervous and excited.

I slowly began to dream of a nursery. Slowly, a vision came to my mind and one thing I knew was that I wanted a white and gold nursery and a small, small touch of pink.

And when I began searching, wow. The options were endless.

And then, when I began searching for a rug, I knew immediately I would visit Rugs USA. Their prices are so affordable and you know for our budget conscious family, that’s a must.

You see, we found a carpet remnant at a home improvement store for $90 and I tried desperately to make it work but the silver/gray really worked better in the boys’ room. So then I began to justify…our living room rug cost around $100 as did our dining room rug. When I found a rug I “liked” at a thrift store, it was still $90.

So when I fell in love with this soft, shag rug from Rugs USA, I was smitten. I’m not sure why but I have ALWAYS had a thing for shag rugs. Always.

Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration

But this isn’t just a “shag rug.” It’s the softest, most beautiful shag rug I’ve ever seen. And I mean that. My husband and boys sneak in here every night for their nightly book reading because they LOVE the way it feels!


When the light hits it just right (and the light is perfection in this room), it sparkles just enough to remind us a girl will be here soon).


And y’all. Rugs USA has sales all the time. You just HAVE to sign up for their e-mails because their sales are incredible.


And the quality is.absolutely.beautiful.

Even better, I placed this order on a THURSDAY and it was here the following Wednesday!


I’m amazed. It makes me excited for our little girl, and nervous. But knowing she has this soft rug to crawl on, this room to grow up in, and two boys next door looking out for her solidifies this space.


God knew what He was doing and I have NO idea why I ever doubted.

Oh, and don’t worry…I have lots to update you on about this little nursery! It’s slowly coming together…but I could not wait to tell you about this rug because I don’t want you to miss out on their sales. Just in time for the holidays when all those family members will be in the floor, crawling around, or you’ll be in front of the fire. A rug like this to relax on must be on your list!!!