I used to think getting flowers was ridiculous.

In fact, when Russ and I started dating, I specifically said, “Don’t get me flowers.” I couldn’t understand because I killed everything and did not have a green thumb (which I still don’t claim to have but I’m getting better).

Then, I grew up. (Ha.)


And saw the beauty.


And now, I can’t get enough.


So when BloomNation asked if I would share how I use them in a tables cape (there’s no compensation here or affiliate link…I just thought this may be helpful to you), I happily obliged.

I have become obsessed, you could say.

Remember, I tend to get flowers for free but when I don’t, I visit my grocery store. Not glamorous I know.


And if you’re like me and don’t really have time to figure out to put them together, BloomNation can have them delivered to you from your LOCAL florists. They even have a blog that tells you HOW to decorate with flowers.

This was super helpful.

So these grocery store flowers made it on my porch, along with some clippings from my neighbor’s bush.


And I’m kind of loving the black and white together with the single pop of red in the three roses.


The mix of silver with paper plates makes my heart happy, along with this little guy.


It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, right?