I debated.

Big time.

Should I participate? The tour starts with my dear friend, Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. and the talent throughout is absolutely phenomenal. I mean, seriously. Amazing. And if you’re coming over from Eileen’s blog, isn’t she just a breath of fresh air? (P.S. Lindsay, Eileen and I are actually only about thirty minutes apart! It was so fun to actually meet in person a few months ago!)

 But even knowing that these peers are my friends, will MY home be up to par?

I really want to use red this year but it seems a lot of bloggers are using red and what if someone thinks I’m copying them?

What if my home isn’t perfect by Thursday? I have a newborn. How can I get this done?



(And of course, when I somewhat finished, it rained for three days with intense fog so the lighting was terrible for photographs!!)

IMG_8348 IMG_8333 IMG_8335 IMG_8329
IMG_8340 IMG_8343 IMG_8339
For me, decorating started with a red high chair. I let a friend borrow it and she painted it red and when I got it back, surprisingly, I loved it! And you KNOW how much I love my whites.

Last year for Christmas, I stuck with my blues that I love, love, love but for some reason this year, I wanted a cozier feel. I needed more warmth, I guess. IMG_8327

IMG_8328 IMG_8322

And let me tell you, there’s nothing like bringing a baby home to a decorated house for Christmas.

But then as I sat here all week, I kept wanting to change things around! Which we all knew would happen…

But I didn’t. Because I love, love, love my tree and even kept a few blues.

IMG_8332 IMG_8330 IMG_8305 IMG_8283

And I maybe spent $30 between fresh garland and wreaths (a must), some fake berries for 50% off at Hobby Lobby and those adorable skis that I’m kicking myself for only getting one set! I also grabbed some $3 mugs at Wal-Mart on a whim one night because they were red and blue. The perfect mix.

IMG_8297 IMG_8293 IMG_8291

I used red the very first year we lived here so I kept it in a separate box and this year I started with all whites and then barely mixed in red with a few small blues.

Anyway, all of my questions about what the heck I was doing were thrown out the window when I read my first devotion of the Advent season.

And I was reminded again how much it truly isn’t about me.

It’s not about my tree or my mantle or if someone else used red and I did, too, it’s about the cross.


It’s about the stable.

It’s about family.

It’s about the sacrifice of a young mother that labored intensely so that we could be set free.

And a week shy from my own labor (that included medication), I recognize this all too well.

I imagine Joseph wasn’t just waiting expectantly to cut the cord and catch baby Jesus. I imagine him pacing and asking and talking fervently to God. His brand new bride is delivering the Messiah.

Our Savior.

That would change the world.


In one night.

In one stable.

Under one star.


That led us all to a place where perfectly decorated homes are the least of our concerns.

Because He is sovereign.

And faithful.

And true.

So, come, let us adore Him.


In every moment of this holiday season.


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