I’m stealing ideas from my childhood these days (not the one where Austin (my brother) and I wear matching pajamas until I get married) but the idea of wrapping gifts the way my mom did by involving my brother and me.

There’s just something about tradition (so sorry, kids. you’ll have matching pajamas forever).

But the older I get, and the older my kiddos get, the more important it is for me to have special things to do with them. Especially this time of year.


My mom used to cut her own “stamps” out of sponges and wrapped presents with brown craft or shipping paper. All I did was cut out a Christmas tree, a candy cane, star and an ornament and used some white paint.


Now, my oldest little man (I tried it out with him first) is wrapping gifts the way I did growing up and I could not be more excited to add SIMPLE (you know I’m not going overboard) traditions as they all continue to grow.

IMG_8340 IMG_8339

It’s the little things for us that make this season so special. That’s why we stick with three gifts from Santa, three gifts under the tree and the kids get each other something.


Because see how much they love each other? 🙂


Obviously, I’m kidding.


Thanks for the simple and fun idea, Mom!