Oh, man! Can you believe it’s FINALLY feeling like spring (well, down here in South Carolina, it is!)?!? Yesterday, I got to have lunch and meet my friend in person for the first time! Do you know Summer at Simple Stylings? YES! We got to actually meet and our kiddos hung out and it.was.so.much.fun. AND it reminded me how much I love this online world! It may seem crazy and weird to my actual friends I grew up with but it is so cool to have connections with people and share interests with people that I otherwise would have never met!

Carrie, from Lovely, Etc. is like that, too! She puts together this home tour each year and is so sweet to include all of us!

Hello Spring Home tour

So if you need some spring inspiration, be sure to visit all of the other blogs! Mainly, because around here, you’re just going to get a simple, real life tour! I cleaned up some but I did not even move Callie’s little swing out of the way! Sorry guys! It was just too beautiful outside to be stuck inside taking a bunch of pictures!

If you’re new here, welcome! Be sure to read all about how this little house became our home and the love we have put into it.

And here she is!

We will start in the living room because that’s where our door opens when you walk into our home…


I feel like the living room is ALMOST complete. It’s finally how I envisioned it! The little coffee table used to be my desk. Most recently, we added the secretary that was my grandmother’s and my newest art from Between You and Me Signs truly reminds me on the hard days of parenting why God gave me this opportunity!


2016-03-13_00102016-03-13_0012 2016-03-13_0013 2016-03-13_0014 2016-03-13_0015

Our living room is open to our dining room (you can read how it’s almost ENTIRELY thrifted here). We truly enjoy lingering here…



One of the things that made this dream come true was tearing down the chimney between the dining room and kitchen (read how we did it for close to $5,000!). This is also one reason I chose to paint everything white—a) I change my mind all the time so I can use different colors and b) I love how bright it is!

2016-03-13_0003 2016-03-13_0004 2016-03-13_0005 2016-03-13_0006 2016-03-13_0007

Cray loved seeing his little artwork up there and we use our open shelves so much there’s no way anything stays dusty. We use those dishes on a daily basis! Plus, I love that I just moved things around and did not buy anything to “update” our house for spring. The little cake dish was my latest purchase and I actually plan to use it for a couple of photography sessions I have but good enough reason to stick it on the shelf, too! I’m loving the blush pink this year!

Another little blessing is our fresh flowers. I knew we were trying not to spend money this month but I REALLY wanted some flowers and low and behold, my mother-in-law dropped off the flowers that are in my kitchen! It truly is the little things that remind me of God’s goodness and sense of humor. (The ones in my living room were leftover from my church! It’s my other secret to fresh flowers…other people’s leftovers!)

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I know we are far from perfection and you saw some little kiddos sneaking in some pictures but that is who we are and why we do this. This home is truly what we love but more than anything, we want others to feel loved when they gather. Years ago, I took a spiritual gifts class and I seriously laughed when mine was hospitality. I had no idea the stirring God would put in my heart years later for others to simply gather. I am so thankful for our family and friends and I am so thankful for you! I hope you, too, leave here feeling moved to use what you have to make your own house a home and to invite others to share in that.

Be sure to visit the other blogs in the tour today and this week! There is SO much talent here and girls with the most genuine hearts to follow along with each day (oh and there’s a giveaway! You can check it out at the bottom of the page!)!




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