As I searched for the words for this post, I kept getting truly giddy inside. Absolutely ridiculous, right? I am so honored to be a part of Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tours and after Friday’s heavy post, I was nervous about how this post would come across. But more than anything when I talk to my friend, she says, I enjoy talking about normal things.

And an office at home? Kind of normal.


If you’re coming over from my dear, dear friend, Summer, welcome. Isn’t she a delight? I had the beautiful opportunity to meet and her precious family in Greenville about a month ago and I think we could have talked all day long!

It was my dream since the day Kuy was born to stay home with him and then when we had another child, the desire grew and grew. Then, God called me to take the leap so I resigned and a week later, I found out I was pregnant!

It’s taken me all year to find a balance. Like, I really feel like we just found a routine that works for us last week. But still, I would not change it for the world.

When we moved into the Yellow House three years ago, this room was supposed to be Russ’ office. He was the one that needed a place to retreat, watch film, meet with other coaches, etc. And for three years, we tried everything to make it serve that purpose. We had a couch in here, we tried a dining room table, you name it, we tried to make it work without spending a dime.

Then, I quit my job to stay home and my tiny office next to where the boys were napping quickly became evident that it would NOT work. They were constantly walking in there, not napping, asking questions…you know what it’s like.

So we moved my office downstairs. And still, it was the catch all room.

Honestly, I absolutely hated it. This room is the pass through on the way to our guest bathroom (powder room, if you will) and it was always a mess.


But about a month ago, I asked Russ if we could use the tabletop I found on the side of the road as my desk (see it leaning against the wall in the corner).


My idea was to cut the legs down from my previous desk to make this my desk.


And it worked!

I lived with just the table in the room for a couple of weeks and tried different rugs underneath. I  also tried to make my own kids table (disaster) and so my dad came to the rescue and created this adorable table and bench for the kids.

2016-04-20_0004 2016-04-20_0015 2016-04-20_0009

Honestly, it was not until I moved the desk under the window until a true vision came to life.

I KNEW I wanted “shiplap/plank” whatever you call it kind of wall and once that was done, I could not move fast enough.


We had a yard sale to get rid of everything in this house we were not using. Clothes, toys, rugs, shelves, pictures, pillows, all of it. I have not read the Magic of Tidying Up but I felt like I could not get rid of our stuff fast enough.


I used the ladder that I use for pictures as a plant stand. I found clearance frames at Michael’s.


Then, when all the kids were at school and Callie was napping I played with this gallery wall.


BUT,  what I love about this room is that it was truly a team effort.

Russ helped me hang hung the plank wall all by himself and I just handed him nickels (see the tutorial we used here!).

You saw the table my dad built (with the amazing little bench).


And my friend sewed these beautiful pillows for me.


My other friend, Jean Anne aka one of the absolute FUNNIEST people I know, painted this gorgeous artwork! Let me tell you, if you go to her house, you will be blown away. Maybe she will let me sneak a tour in for you! She has art everywhere. You can find her talents at JeanAnneMaynard.


And this chair? I searched online for WEEKS and visited Goodwill for a lucky Target find and nothing. I could not justify spending too much on an office chair and last Tuesday, on a whim, I drove by our thrift store here in our town because sometimes they have items sitting outside. And y’all! Sitting right inside was the little chair. I pulled the car over, jumped out and asked how much it was (it’s an expensive thrift store but that’s another story) and the sign said $5 but I thought there’s no way! YES! It was $5! I ran back to my running car, grabbed five dollars (passing the woman in line) and threw it in my car as fast I could. I did not do one thing to it (except spray it for fleas and bedbugs..hey, you never know!).


And this chandelier (that my husband’s best friend helped hang!)? I bought TWO years at a Goodwill at the beach. NINE DOLLARS. Yes. And again, I did not do anything to it.

(Oh and the little arrow was a gift from my sister-in-law! How perfect, right!?!)


This room is truly us. It is comprised of meaningful items, most of which we already had, thrifted treasures, the style WE love, and functional for our family.


I seriously walk through this room and breathe a little sigh of relief that it finally fits our home.

It finally feels good and not stressful to walk by a room that is complete.


Normal? Kind of. But further reminders to me of God’s faithfulness through the good and hard times.

Be sure to head over to Katie’s blog for the continuation of the tours and pick up tomorrow, too! I can assure you it’s time well spent.


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