I am so honored some of my friends chose to write about their mothers. But you must know this, these are not the only incredible mothers I know. Yesterday, when I shared Brandy’s post on Facebook, I stated:

“You already know I live in a small town. But in the tiny town we call home, I am surrounded by incredible moms that were influenced by incredible moms. From my next door neighbor to my mom’s best friend, I am inspired daily by the beautiful women that go through life with me.”

I am absolutely, TRULY, surrounded by so many great mothers. I told Emily that I could make this series last a month! So thank you! Thank you to each of you that have impacted my life and those around you.

Today, Emily shares her story. Emily lives down the street from me (we have one of the best streets ever because there are so many young mothers and young kids yet older friends, too, that guide us! The best of both worlds!).

* * * * *


How would your children describe you as a mother when they are all grown up?

This was a question in a recent devotion I read. It hit me hard. Will your children look back and remember a mother of strong faith, patient, kind, and loving? I immediately thought of my own childhood and my eyes filled with tears. Good tears- tears of love and admiration for my Mom.


I think of my mom as all of the listed qualities.

Mom taught me so many things by example that I pray my children learn from me.


I knew as a child no matter what she would be there and everything would be OK. I was deathly shy as a child, and I depended on my Mom. I forgot my lunch in 1st grade, and was too shy to tell the teacher. Mom returned to school with my lunch after driving 20 minutes back out of town to our house, realizing I left it, and immediately drove the 20 minutes right back to bring it to me. She was basically in a car close to 2 hours and it wasn’t even 9 am. I knew she would pull through as a six year old, and she still does for me today.

Some things have changed over the years. I am not just me anymore, but come with a husband and 2 small children. But her dependability is still the same. When kidney stones hit or tonsils come out, she is there for us all.


And yet, somehow, just like when I was a child, things still seem better and easier when she gets here.


 I feel like this is a bit of an ironic topic, since my mom and I both go all over town with no makeup on, but she has taught me beauty means so much more. I remember Mom telling me “No matter what you wear, if you have a smile on your face that is what people will see.” I look at my own daughter, my girl, and her precious smiling face and that phrase means so much more than ever before. I do not think I have ever seen anything as innocently beautiful.   I pray her self-image comes from within just like her Sugie. My mom is beautiful inside and out, and treats everyone with kindness and respect.  Oh, how I pray my children can go out into this crazy world we live in and do the same.


Mom went out of her way for the small things. From birthday parties, to pregame meals, to the beautiful Christmas ornaments collected for me to have when I had my own tree, Mom did them all.


With two small children of my own now, I often wonder how she did it. I think she gave and still gives because of things she didn’t have as a child. But in return, because she went out of her way to celebrate things in our lives, she made us all feel so special. Even on days I struggle to get my children to and from the grocery store in and out of carseats, I will strive to celebrate the small things.


 I know my mom prays for me and my little family. I feel it and always have. She has prayed for me through every sporting event she had to drive me to, defending a thesis, and now raising a family.   As we battle three year old temper tantrums exhausted from getting up in the night with our 17 month old that requires no sleep, I can have days with gritted teeth and prayers of patience running through my head. I know she is praying for us too.

It gives me courage, peace, and the ability to step back and count my blessings.


Sally Clarkson stated in her book The Mission of Motherhood “Children need time to grow their roots in love, innocence, kindness, truth, morality, and trust. When they are strong and tall they will be able to withstand and battle the forces of life.”

Because of my wonderful mother, I received these things as a child. We are blessed with the best Mom and Sugie in the world.

I love you, Mom, and am so grateful for the love you show me and my family. I hope I teach my children the same thing.

Happy Mother’s Day!

* * * * *

Thank you, Emily! Thank you for picking up my kids when I’m running late! Thank you for keeping them when someone has an ear infection! Thanks for meeting me and Noel in the road so we can enjoy adult conversation. Even though somedays, that may just be on the golf cart on the way to school. For this, I am grateful.