Katy and I met at a faculty meeting when her husband became my assistant principal two years ago. I was that hoarder that had baby toys in my classroom and it worked out perfectly to occupy her then two year old. We clicked immediately and she is definitely that friend that once meeting her, you feel like you have known her for years! Last year, we both resigned from our teaching jobs to be home and I am not quite sure I would have made it through this year without her!

* * * * *


When I think of my mom and all she has done for me, I am inspired with her kindness and the time she invested in me. As a child, I remember her riding bikes with us, playing ball in the yard, and stroking my hair in the evenings when we would wind down for the night. As I grew older, we wore out the front porch swing with our many talks and times of laughter.

I am sure my mom always had something to do or complete, but I don’t remember those tasks coming between us and making a memory.

k1No doubt she had moments she was not kind and patient to me, but I don’t remember!

I remember a tidy house and clean laundry, so she must have gotten it all done with three children!image1

Now I am a mother of two sweet girls, and I find myself with so many pressures (that I can create and put on myself) and distractions in day, and it becomes this fight to be kind and patient to my children. Most of the distractions, are things I can control and put away, but it is a struggle.

This past September, our lives were drastically changed because of a simple YES! to take in a one day old baby girl who was put into foster care.

I went from a very comfortable routine with only one child I needed to care for, to two children and one was a newborn!

Now that I am a foster parent, my perspective has changed and has made me to stop and live in only today.

I wish I would take in each moment of the day and I am so grateful the Lord continues to be patient with me.

Most mornings before I roll out of bed, I ask the Lord to give me kindness and patience towards my family.


I can honestly tell you that I am not a kind and patient mother every day, but I am so thankful the Lord knows our hearts and desires, and He forgives.

I want to have my family grow up in an environment where we spend time together and were kind to each other. I am beyond grateful for a mom who is kind and patient, and I want to continue this legacy.

We live too far apart to spend Mother’s Day together, but I sure do love to call her daily and keep the friendship strong.

She is such a blessing to me and I am grateful we can still grow closer together despite the miles we live apart.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!