Carrie and I became friends in eighth grade.

We played middle school basketball together.

(Did you know I was such a stellar athlete? Kidding–Carrie went on to play college basketball. Me? I quit after that one year.)

Like Katy, Carrie and I immediately clicked. We did everything together then and in high school, that time together continued. From beach trips in high school to weekends at the lake in college, Carrie and I have remained close. It is a huge blessing that we live in the same small town. It is even more of a blessing that we get to raise our kiddos together! She’s due with a baby girl in August!

She is brilliant–absolutely brilliant and I am blessed to have her in my life.

* * * * *


If you were to ask, many people will tell you, without a doubt, that their mother is the best. I am no different.mom -2

For thirty years, I was blessed with the best mom anyone could ever ask for. She was my best friend and in my eyes she could move mountains


While losing her suddenly has seemed unbearable at times, I can smile knowing how truly lucky I was to call her Mom.


What I remember and value most, was Mom always being there. She was always there giving me unwavering love and support day in and day out. She was there when it was time to celebrate, time to cry or when I needed an ear to listen. She was there to fix my problems and hold my hand through the hurt. She was always there, never pushy, just ready and willing to help me, love me and pray for me.

She loved her kids beyond measure and showed each of us daily by always being there.

She was there for my son from the day he was born. We only thought she loved her kids beyond measure until those grand babies were born.


The bond they formed in such a short time was undeniably strong because my not even two year old at the time knew she was always there for him.

Showing him that same love and compassion she had shown me for so long.

Her impact is still ever-present with him today, after almost seven months he recently asked, “Where is CoCo?” to which I replied, “In heaven, Baby.”

His response?

“I want to go see her.”


Recently, I stood in my kitchen watching my son happily play on the floor and couldn’t help shed a few tears.

As I stood there watching him and looking down at my growing belly I pray that I will one day I will be the mother she showed me how to be.

That one day, my kids will look back and know I was always there.

This Mother’s Day will be somewhat bittersweet and although she may not be here physically, I know she will always be there.

We love you, Mom.

We miss you.

* * * * *

Losing Caroline was hard on all of us because she, like Carrie talks about, is such a light. You always felt welcome at her house because she always knew what you liked and remembered it specifically. She was that thoughtful, always. We still miss her dearly.