Growing up on the lake, in the very same home my entire life, is something I would not change for the world.

My brother and I learned to ski at young ages and spent many summer days knee boarding and jumping off the boat house.

Now, of course, life is different. My brother lives 45 minutes away and well, we have three kiddos under five. This means days are slightly more planned and freedom is making sure everyone has life jackets and plenty of snacks.

Needless to say when my parents go out of town, my brother and I have to remember where the hide-a-key is if we want to go to the lake.

Now that problem is solved thanks to the amazing people at Schlage! Plus, with a few plants, a new doormat and a couple of chairs my parents already had, I just HAD to spruce things up a bit! We all love hanging out at their house so much (plus they were out of town so it was a super fun surprise!).

2016-07-04_0002 2016-07-04_0004 2016-07-04_0005

Schlage makes this incredible keyless lock with a gazillion different pass codes so each family can have their own or we can all share one.


OR better yet, if we forget, my parents can unlock it with the ease of their phones!


I was worried when I saw the image online that the numbers would show while it is not on, but it only shows up when they are touched! It is perfect!


This Camelot trim beautiful handleset perfectly completed the Schlage Sense Camelot Trim touchscreen deadbolt and provides the security of knowing our childhood is always protected.




And those memories I cherish forever are held in those four walls and through that backyard to the lake.



Long summer days, beautiful sunsets and many nights slowly riding around the lake are waiting as soon as we walk down the steps to the front door. And no need to worry about forgetting a key along with the gazillion things we pack for three children. With the simple touch of the key pad, the house is ours and the day is before us.

2016-07-04_0016 2016-07-04_0011

ANDDDDD the sweet people at Schlage that were so sweet to work with want to give one to you! All you have to is follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! The reader giveaway is for one lucky reader to win a front door makeover (similar to what we did) and YOU can pick the lock, lever, etc of YOUR choice (up to $500 Schlage value)!  PLUS, if you are not sure of what style would best go with your home, the website will walk you through what perfectly matches your exterior.

I cannot say thank you enough to Schlage. The difference updates can make to the front door that welcomes guests speaks volumes. The simple reminder that thought was put into making each person that enters the doors feel welcome sets the tone for the visit and knowing each is secure allows for tremendous relaxation and ease.

Thank you, Schlage, for providing that protection.