Good morning, y’all!!

I cannot believe it is almost August.

Except I can believe it because all summer we have been working on this little huge project.

You see, when we started, we thought this little space beside our deck was, in fact, small.

Turns out the moment Russ laid the first ten bricks we realized exactly how big it was.

If you remember, we had a chimney separating our kitchen from our dining room and when the crew that helped renovate our house knocked it down, they saved the bricks for us!

Never knowing a patio could fill this space, we contemplated selling the bricks (and even let a few people come look at them) until one day it hit us, why not make this small space into a patio!?! It seemed like a GREAT idea! And we are so in love! And so glad we kept the bricks. But man, it’s been a HOT summer! My poor husband worked day and night to get this finished. He laid the brick, built the table, built the fire pit, built the bench at the table, built the anchor sign, planted a few bushes.

And I could not be more proud!

And more excited for this gem of a space!

So, come on in to our little patio!

(Of course, I will have a separate post to tell you all about each detail but today, I wanted you to see it like we see it. The potential, the endless days and nights and the potential to just be.)


You know my vision for this home has always been a space that is welcoming. We want our doors to be open and dreams to be shared. We want the garden gate swinging as neighbors come in and out. We want you to come over uninvited and just sit a spell. Because it is what I imagined when we moved into this yellow house.


I imagine women around this table late at night laughing (and that happened last night!).

IMG_9583 IMG_9587 IMG_9589 IMG_9591

IMG_9597I imagine families and children hanging out until it’s dark making s’mores.

IMG_9572 IMG_9552

I imagine our own family dinners watching the kids run and build blocks and drive their cars.

IMG_9563 IMG_9574IMG_9573

IMG_9564 IMG_9566 IMG_9567 IMG_9586

I imagine mornings out here for our quiet time.

IMG_9554 IMG_9572

I imagine those perfect fall evenings curled up with these perfect Lakeside pillows from hitting that perfect spot to just relax.

IMG_9552 IMG_9576 IMG_9559

I imagine birds coming as we hang birdhouses in the trees that hang over just right.


I imagine the boys and their new little watering cans helping me keep these plants alive because I want these beautiful Cape Maye planters from to be overflowing with green.

IMG_9561 IMG_9543 IMG_9560

I imagine just Russ and me sitting out here under the twinkling lights talking, laughing, having our own little date night as the kids drift off to sleep inside.

IMG_9532 IMG_9533IMG_9562

I imagine us, growing, changing, crying, loving, dreaming.


I imagine it looks a lot like home.


I imagine it looks like this.



All opinions are my own. Hayneedle provided the pillows, string lights and planters. For more information, please read my disclosure.