Good morning, beautiful friends!

I just cannot believe those words typed as the title…Back.To.School.

This means my oldest starts kindergarten and the tears will soon follow. I am positive he was just born yesterday.

Anyway, the second thing I cannot believe is the talent that is joining me this week! I asked some of my friends if they wanted to share some back to school tips, styles, tricks, etc. and they actually said YES! You are going to be amazed at what they have in store for you! From teachers to moms to stylists, we tried to cover all of the bases!

When everyone agreed to join, I debated forever what to do. I wanted it to be helpful to you but I also wanted it to be, well…pretty. And my original idea is not exactly that. You see, I wanted to share with you the secret to making our mornings SO.MUCH.EASIER. And it wasn’t pretty.

So I tried to add a few things and make it slightly more inviting.

However, you are going to laugh because this little secret will not certainly change the world but it was seriously SO helpful!

Are you ready?

 We picked out their clothes the night before.

Gasp. I know you are shocked. But truly, we had some little $1 hooks from Michael’s just nailed into the wall and had EVERYTHING picked out for the next day: shoes, socks, shirt and shorts, everything they would need.

There was no arguing, no digging through the clean clothes pile neatly organized in drawers, no whining because it was all there. And even better, some mornings, my oldest would come downstairs ALREADY dressed!

But, since I truly only had two hooks hanging on the wall, I decided to make it slightly more attractive.


I found these skis at a thrift store about a month ago and hung them on the wall alone. Slowly, this weekend, we added the little board (an old fence post from our backyard makeover) with hooks and the artwork!


 If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen how much my middle child has fallen in love with water color and what better way to display their work (and my attempts at watercolor) from the summer!


I have always wanted to do something with the little boat hooks around the house and I thought this would be a great place! However,  I struggled to find some that would get here in time. Finally, I found some black plastic ones from Amazon that I just spray painted with Hammered Silver Spray Paint. They were perfect and to me, I don’t think they look like plastic!


Last year, one thing that seriously made a huge difference was just having shoes picked out. I know it seems so silly but how many mornings have we run around looking for the matching shoe!?! Surely, I’m not the only one! These little stools that I painted a K and C were a huge lifesaver in the mornings and eliminated that simple problem in the mornings.



I was so excited to find pretty hangers at TJ Maxx for $4.99 but it was not until I got home I realized shorts would not hang on them so I grabbed this wire basket that I use for newborn photo shoots and that is where bottoms will go!




This little space has truly made our mornings much smoother and less stressful for everyone.


For some reason, I always tend to want my oldest to wear “nice clothes,” as he calls them, but he always wants “play clothes” (athletic clothes). This way, he is involved in the process and is happy about what he picks out (usually athletic clothes but at least they are matching)! Obviously, I chose a “nice clothes” just for the picture. I can assure you, he would only agree to that for picture day or the first day!


Y’all, I just cannot tell you what it means to me that you stopped by here today.


I truly hope this idea helps you create a useful space in your home that is functional and makes life easier.

I would love for you to hang around to learn about how this house became our home after many years, dreams, work, and tears.

Now, head to the rest of the amazing talent for more ideas, tricks and tips to make your lives easier as school starts oh so soon!


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Happy Monday! Teachers (and administrators) everywhere, I can assure we are praying for you as you prepare for these sweet babies to enter your classrooms.