Good morning, precious friends. I am more than thankful you are here.

Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to write this post as I was waiting for the words to come to me and then this afternoon, just thirty minutes from our small town, in the county where we live, there was a shooter that entered the playground of an elementary school. Miraculously, no one was killed, only injured, but knowing that my husband just went over safety procedures at his school the day before and that my oldest little man is with my mom at our local primary school, I just kind of walked around in a fog for a while. And when it came time to edit these pictures, it felt, well, not worthy. I already felt this way when capturing the images because fall is not really my “thing.” Normally, I’m all exclamation points with excitement but I cannot seem to muster up the words. Please forgive me and know it’s not always this way. God is still and will always be good but my prayers are so deeply with those families I cannot seem to concentrate.

Every time I put together one of these tours for Lindsay, I think, yep, this is it. I’m for sure being kicked out of the tour. I mean, y’all. The talent included is phenomonal. Each tour so different, so unique just like that of all of us.  We LIVE here. We love our home and know that God brought us to this Yellow House intentionally. Of course, with any foreclosure there is still work to do but man, are we grateful.

So, today as you peek into our home, know there are so many imperfections. And honestly, there’s dishes hidden in the sink, but we love where we are. We love the people we share it with. And we love having you stop by. When I say I am so grateful you are here, I truly mean it.

(And if you’re coming over from Annie’s, hi. Thank you for coming! She’s one of those crazy talented people I was talking about…and one of the reasons I have the Velveteen Rabbit sign that you’ll see in my dining room.)

You can read our story of this foreclosure journey here and how we made over our kitchen for almost $5,000…but for now, here is where our life is lived.


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Now, please visit my sweet friend, Beth. Her gifts always make me smile because of the thought she put in.

And as always, thanks so much to Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Co. for hosting this incredible tour (click on her link to start from Monday!). And be sure to head to The Nester and Nesting With Grace. 

Have a blessed day, sweet friends. So many prayers lifted for so many this beautiful fall morning.