You know once my first child was born, I immediately began dreaming of staying home. I had no idea how God would make that happen but I believed He would.

And three years later, He did.

After one year and a half of working from home, one thing I’ve had to adjust to is my wardrobe. One of my friends that stayed home always said not to wear workout clothes every day. She said if I got dressed, I would get so much more accomplished. And it’s so true.

Now, OF COURSE, there are still days I stay in what I worked out in that morning!

BUT most days are jeans and a T-shirt.

But I have to tell you. I am NOT a jeans person. I didn’t like them because I NEVER found a comfortable pair or any that were flattering.

Until Kayla at Just a Small Town Girl gave me these.


And they are perfect. They don’t slouch or stretch and they stay tight around the ankle. The waist stays up but is not too high.

They are perfect. Perfect with a t-shirt or a nice shirt and heels!


My second staple is a vest. I have a green army vest but when Kayla posted this blush one I had to have it. I literally do not go anywhere with more than one kiddo without it.

A pocket for a paci, keys and a phone! Pure perfection. 😉


Doctor’s check up? Vest.
Errands? Vest
Something at school? Vest
Church on Wednesday night? Vest every other week.

It’s seriously that helpful.

IMG_0819 IMG_0826

And the T-shirt I have on? Goodwill. The J-Crew shoes? Goodwill.

Seriously y’all. You can do this. You can be frugal and still look cute.IMG_0828

Well, maybe I don’t look cute because I sure did feel ridiculous. BUT, it can be done.


Just check out my friend, Kayla at Just a Small Town Girl and then head to your thrift stores to finish out your wardrobe. You’ll be so glad you did!