This time of year brings emotions of all realms.

JOY, sadness, giddiness like a child, heartbreak, pure bliss.

As emotions of Christ coming (the giddiness!) plunder to the loss our friends feel, our hearts ache and rejoice simultaneously.

Tonight, as we read from The Wonder of the Greatest Gift, Ann reminded us, JOY comes in the waiting KNOWING that Christ is coming. And this waiting in the advent season brings anticipation, relief and hope in the darkest of nights.

This home tour is not at all about being perfectly put together.

It’s the celebration that we love.

This year we were honored to be a part of our small town Christmas Tour of Homes but man, oh man, it was a labor of love.

2017-12-04_0059 2017-12-04_0060 2017-12-04_0061 2017-12-04_0062 2017-12-04_0063

2017-12-04_0068 2017-12-04_0067 2017-12-04_0066 2017-12-04_0065 2017-12-04_0064

And our village reminded us how we truly cannot do this life alone.



2017-12-04_0007 2017-12-04_0008 2017-12-04_0010

And we do not ever want to.

We want the tables to be surrounded. And our bellies to be full from laughter.

2017-12-04_0036 2017-12-04_0037 2017-12-04_0038

2017-12-04_0039 2017-12-04_0040 2017-12-04_0042 2017-12-04_0045


We want our couches to be full.

2017-12-04_0012 2017-12-04_0013 2017-12-04_0015 2017-12-04_0016 2017-12-04_0017 2017-12-04_0014

And as we fall asleep each night, we want to know we gave it our all.

2017-12-04_0025 2017-12-04_0026 2017-12-04_0027 2017-12-04_0028 2017-12-04_0029 2017-12-04_0030

And those nights that ended with me raising my voice more than needed, I’m thankful for a new day to try it all again.

2017-12-04_0069 2017-12-04_0070 2017-12-04_0071 2017-12-04_0073 2017-12-04_0072

Because Christ came so that we could have JOY, we could have hope, we could seek His manger just like the wise men did as soon as they heard of His coming.

May we never lose hope.

May we never lose JOY.

May we ever seek Him.

Merry, merry Christmas, friends.

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