The ocean has always spoken to me. Since I was a little girl my husband has teased me about how much I LOVE the beach. I could spend the entire day and not leave the beach. Especially if I have a book.

Just the other morning I was sharing with my friend at her newborn shoot how gracious God is. How He called me to this job that I would have never thought imagined for myself. Yet, here I am.

And it’s because I laid my life down.

When I surrendered, He gave me this. He opened this door for a business that was already established.

And those clients became friends. And those clients families continued to grow.

And through God’s mercies, they share their experience with their friends and their friends invited me into their homes.

And the song that continued to lay in my heart when I felt the call to leave my secure job with a secure income and a steady retirement?

And Wednesday, when I opened our prayer journal at church, tears filled my eyes for about the 100th time that day.

Because what’s on the inside cover and what is on the opening of every session?

A picture of the ocean.

This summer, when we were at the beach, I heard Him.

He whispered to move just a little. He called, “This way.”

So I followed.

All I wanted was to find Kuy a sand dollar.

But what I got was better.

It was time.

In search of Kuy’s sand dollar together we went because he just kept picking up broken pieces.

Pieces of a tiny, tiny sand dollar that would never be a whole but my little man did not care. 

And little by little, I physically felt myself being put back together.

Little by little, I realized how broken I had been over this past year–a new medication that had my head spinning. A job that I was not cut out for and trying to do all of that while running a business and raising a 3 and 1 year old at home most days of the week (and a five year old but hey, at least he was at school all day).

For lack of a better word, I sucked at it all.

But now, the Father called me.

In fact, He called us to come to the beach. I felt it deep down. He called us to be here together, JUST US as a family.

How would we pay for it?

Just trust me, He said.

And I did. We realized we had the cash set aside for something else but used it anyway and the price came down a little bit then a little bit more until the day we left it was the lowest it could be and included amenities we were blown away by. Someone even booked a shoot in Beaufort to help pay for it.

He took care of alllll of these details.

The same God that brings the ocean to the shore and keeps water together as water (as Cray kept asking), needed us to come to the beach so He could tell me it was time.

Time to be just Amber Tysl.





Daughter of the King.

But not in that order.

He is so good and so faithful and I pray I always remember when He called me over for just a minute to whisper,

So here we are.

A new website, a new design. All in one place to serve you.

I am blown away by you.

Thank you, friends, for all you do to support me and come visit in this place. I pray in the future it will continue to serve you and meet your needs. 

And that little by little you will feel yourself being put back together as He calls you, too.

He calls us every single day.

All we have to do is listen.