I cannot say thank you ENOUGH TIMES for how you embraced the change with our new website.

I am sending you a HUG right now and doing a little dance Chip Gaines style to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

Speaking of Fixer Upper, you already know how we love our village, right? Well, Tuesday night, my sister-in-law came over to watch my kiddos so I could go support my coach at our second region game. The only catch was I had to have a way she could watch Fixer Upper and since we don’t have cable, I was stuck. Thankfully, she brought her iPad and it worked and we got to finish watching it together. As we sat there, she said, “You know, I really like your living room like this. These slipcovers, the curtains, it just makes it look cozy and brings out the layers.”

And as I looked around, I immediately thought about when we moved in and I wanted desperately for our leather couches to work but they didn’t fit. Or when we tried yellow couches we got from a friend and they didn’t quite fit. And then, the second year we were in our home, my mom got us the white IKEA couch for Christmas and the second for my birthday.


But then when Russ and I went to Charlotte this year for a new pair, we found out they were THREE times as much as we could NOT justify that so we came home with the $29 beige ones. And much to my surprise, I loved it. We moved these curtains a friend gave to us from the boys’ room. We kept our yard sale coffee table that used to be my desk. And with my latest thrift store chair and end table, I love the way it looks. Yard sale pillows, smaller pillows recovered by a friend and it all is slowly coming together. FOUR years later. Four! Guys, it just doesn’t happen overnight and when you’re on a tight budget like us, it’s worth it to shop thrift stores. Not just for furniture and other finds but we shop there for clothes, too. 

And I want you to know that you can do this, too!

This chair in the corner? I DREAMED of this chair from Pier 1 but could never justify $400. AND I FOUND IT FOR $25 at Haven of Rest!

There are a few stains but nothing a little piece of fur can’t cover.

It can be done. And you can do it, too.

So, I have a small surprise for you today!

Table and chairs – Haven of Rest 

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So thank you, again.

I know I say it ALL the time but I am truly so grateful you take the time to visit here and I pray it brings you encouragement and you have found you, too, can shop for your home and your family on a budget.

bird, vase, soap dish, white vase and small little bowls – Haven of Rest 

shoes and t-shirt – Goodwill Home Stores 

Dress and Chambray Top – Goodwill Home Stores

White sweater – Goodwill Home Stores

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