Almost two years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to resign from my full-time job and take over a thriving photography business.

Working from home seemed exciting! Thrilling, even!

Setting my own hours?

Managing my own schedule?

I could eat lunch whenever I wanted?!

It seemed too good to be true.

Turns out, with three kids under four, it was none of the above.

Their naps determined my hours.

Their meal times determined when I ate lunch.

Their school hours determined my schedule.

There was still so much I still had to learn and much like my life as a wife, mother and photographer, my home office evolved with this change, as well.

At first, I thought I should have my office upstairs so I could hear them play. Until I realized working beside them as they napped was NOT working out.

Then, I thought I could revamp that desk into the odd room downstairs but it was much too small.

THEN, my husband made a desk I LOVED using a table I found on the side of the road with the legs from my previous desk.

But I needed space! I needed somewhere where I could work and see my calendar. I needed drawers for my equipment. I needed files for all of my bills and paperwork.

So when I walked into my favorite Goodwill and saw this beauty for $19.99 I was sold.

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