No matter where I turned this word kept coming back to me.

In that devotion I mentioned two weeks ago, it was literally in the both verses for the first two days. And just like the words from the power of the ocean, it hit me hard.

Then, on a hard Monday morning, Sara Hagerty happened to share this verse:

THEN, when I was still unsure, it was in my devotion from IF:Equip:

On the third day, I took a deep breath, and thought, “Okay, Lord. ABIDE IN YOU.”

And as if, I still wasn’t sure, it was in a book I’ve been reading for a while–in fact, this jumped off the page.

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a word of the year.

Previously, my word was intentional. Those posts, looking back, mean so much to me.

And when I’m not sure why in the world I do this, if for nothing else, it’s amazing to see how the Lord has grown our family and shifted my heart.

If nothing else, my children have these “journals” to look back on as a testimony to His faith and goodness in our lives.

At first, I kept landing on the word authentic. I wrote a post about this, too, a few years ago, and it’s what led to me to one of my good friends, Wendy Speake. No matter how many times I start to think how crazy and ridiculous this online community can seem, I come back to these relationships because they point me back to Jesus every single time.

More than anything, when you come here to visit, I want you to leave encouraged.

Whether it’s a word from our Father or a thrifting tip or how to style that room with items you already have, I pray you feel encouraged.

I pray you abide.

That together, we follow in His footsteps, holding His hand.

When business does not seem to make sense, I abide in Him.

When social media is causing confusion, I abide in him.

When my friends are hurting, I abide in Him.

When our marriage hits a rock, I abide in Him.

When I start to think my children’s behaviors are a reflection of who I am, I abide in Him.

Because when I get in the way, it never helps.

So tell me…do you have a word of the year? If so, what is it and how do you come to that word?