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Remember that time Krista asked me to join in this little spring hop and I said yes because I was so excited for spring AND because I saw my favorite blogger ever was on it and I was a little too giddy AND THEN I could not think of a craft and when I did my husband walked in and told me I could really do much better. Haha!

Oh yeah, that was today.

I think it turned out okay and made for a cute little header but it WAS a lot harder than I thought to paint these little flowers!

I’ve been holding on to this little garland forever thinking I would use it as a prop then thinking maybe for Christmas but then I thought it would be cute to hang on our chalkboard!

And what better way to welcome spring than a little blush?!

You may remember this little chalkboard from my Instagram stories. I ended up finding it for $4.75 at the thrift store!

The little garland is from Noonday Christmas Collection and the rose garland is from Goodwill for about $2.99!

At first, I tried painting it with a paint brush. That seemed like it may take until next Christmas so next, I tried spray paint. That helped some but it did run a little. BUT, I kind of liked how it looked.

Once it dried, I used a tiny bit of white to add back in to mix the colors and make it not so dark and deep red.

Finally, I added some lace to the end to attach to the screws where we put it into the wall.

I love this picture because EVERYTHING except for the garland is thrifted! The two chairs, the oars, the chalkboard and the garland.

Which fits perfectly since my dining room is almost ENTIRELY thrifted, as well! 


Also, how CUTE are these little flowers Calle made at school with her handprints and the names of her Valentines?

I should probably put them up but I love the little pop of color in there! This little window box centerpiece was a side of the road find!

This little chalkboard is to the left of the table and makes for a fun place to add little sayings or for the elf to visit. 😉 SO, the next time you see some fake flowers at the thrift store, grab them! You never know what you may can use them to create! Just make sure you have a little more patience than me…

Pin all of these ideas to use later!