I’m so excited that the Seasonal Simplicity series is back again; and this time it’s to celebrate summer!

Today I’ve joined up with a talented group of bloggers to kick of this series by sharing a beautiful DIY or Craft project with y’all!

Enjoy the inspiration and ideas…

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When I found this piece of old paneling in the trash on the side of the road, I immediately imagined painting something on it.

I know that sounds crazy to envision things in the trash but it’s what drew me to this house with the boarded up windows. The torn out cabinets. The holes in the floor. I saw potential here. Family Christmases, our kids running around, friends gathered.

And when I decided I wanted to paint a pelican, I knew I had to text my friend, Jean Anne for guidance.

You may remember her amazing art from my first office makeover or her angel collages from Christmas. 

So this summer, my challenge to you is to create something that speaks to you.

Whether it’s painting or playing a board game or going for a run, just do it.

IDEA #1 If you want to paint but don’t think you can do it, use an old overhead projector or any kind of projector and you can easily DIY something, too! In our first house, I painted a tree directly on the wall. I printed it on overhead paper (remember that stuff!?) and used my school overhead projector and showed it on the wall. I carefully traced it on the paper and then painted it!

IDEA #2 You can print it out and trace it! Easily use a printer and trace over or use the method of turning it over and reversing it! You can do this on a small canvas or any thrifted frame easily. Remember you can paint over something you got at the thrift store, too!

IDEA #3 You can tape it to the wall and use the ideas from above to trace it or work around it to see what it looks like on the wall.

You can do all sorts of things because it IS possible to make your home beautiful without breaking the bank.

I used wall paint I already had (because I’m obsessed with buying paint samples) mixed with acrylic paint and just kept adding.

And kept texting my friend.

And kept googling a picture of a pelican.

It took time but it was so therapeutic.

And now, as ridiculous as it sounds, this is truly one of my favorite things in our house.

I love everything to do with the beach and this little guy just makes my heart smile.

So as a friend just texted me, just keep doing you, friend.

Whatever that may be.

And because you know I love a good reality check. This is what is really outside the frame of these pictures with my rained on hair and half make-on. 😉


Happy Wednesday, friends. You’re just the best ever. 🙂


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