I absolutely love where I live.

I love our street. I love being close to everything. I love having people down the street and next door. My neighbor and I always laugh about how it’s like being in college. We walk into each other’s closets constantly and borrow clothes, borrow milk or sugar…or even hairspray…;)

So the other day on the way home, I was passing our first home which is only one turn down the street and saw my friend’s beautiful porch and my wheels started turning. As I drove down our street, I noticed everyone’s perfectly styled porch and had an ah-ha moment! I should share THEIR porches! I kept thinking my friends have GOT to see this!

From traditional to scary to a mix of both, you are going to love them as much as I do.

And since my pumpkins caved in, I’m absolutely living vicariously through their beautiful porches.







You may be thinking, yep! Everyone does have a gorgeous set-up…but, do you know why?

Our heart behind it is this: over FIFTEEN HUNDRED people come down our street every year for Halloween! And this year, they are closing our street. It’s amazing. The number of people that celebrate here is incredible, exhausting but absolutely exciting! My own kiddos don’t even trick-or-treat, except for stopping at our church first (also down the street), because they hand out candy for hours at our house. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So if you live close, come on down! Or if you’re within an hour’s drive, it’s probably worth it.

We think so, at least. 😉

Happy Halloween, friends!

On Thursday, we get to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!