Yesterday, on the blog, my friends and I shared what managing a routine looks like in our lives.

So meeting you here today is fitting because among that routine that can sometimes get tossed out the window is the reason we create cozy spaces—to share them with our friends.

I say it every year but when I thought we were going to lose the chance at this yellow house that meant so much to us, I had an email written to the realtor that said, “I imagined Christmases here.”

And so every year, I cannot wait for the twinkling lights, the quiet dark mornings with candle light and the padded feet running along the floors.

If you’re joining us from Meegan Makes, welcome! I am thrilled to be joining Carrie and 27 other bloggers to share our homes as we celebrate Christmas together.

This space, these couches for us, hold people we love.

People we want to know dearly and people that are like my friend Jessica literally just texted me: “Papa’s favorite!”

So as you browse these home tours, we pray you find encouragement.

I pray you, too, seek the simplicity and coziness in your home in creating a vulnerable space.

Vulnerability meets vulnerability.

And our Craigslist tree, I moved to the corner so we’d have more space, it is one I cannot wait to walk in the living room and see. It sounds silly that it makes me excited but I love the dark quiet mornings where it twinkles so softly.

I love that my youngest two kiddos helped decorate and worked so hard together!

I love the simple white presents under the tree because I LOVE picking out something that someone WE love may love!

Simplicity, compassion, authenticity.


This time of year can hold so much hurriedness that this year at home, we are taking it slow. Slowly decorating each room and not overdoing it.

Adding small meaningful touches one room at a time.

Be sure to continue tour over to The Striped House to see her beautiful home.

Happy Thursday, friends!