My friend and neighbor has always joked that this girl loves a social gathering.

So when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she kept saying a birthday party (not even a toy!), finally two days before her birthday, we made it a reality. We don’t typically do parties because the boys’ birthdays are close in months and I felt like I was doing them so close together so instead, we have traded birthday parties for trips and loved it!

But since the princess’ (kidding) birthday is next to a holiday and in the middle of basketball season, she was our little exception. Did I mention we were actually at the beach with the team until Wednesday and her party was Friday?

I sent out a super last minute text to her friends and oh, how she is loved, because they alll came and loved on her!!

I thought it’d be so simple. We were going to grab doughnuts and let the kids decorate them. And since it was a short party, we’d decorate doughnuts, sing and be on our way!


Except Krispy Kreme was closed on this Black Friday. CLOSED. Until noon. I was on my way there and called to be sure I could order and she said they wouldn’t open until lunchtime.

After calling my mom and friend and freaking out, I prayed the grocery store would have enough and I literally bought all the doughnuts they had.

The doughnuts were even supposed to be our decor!

But minus the doughnut scare, it was perfect!


The kids had fun, surprisingly stayed occupied and the birthday girl was the happiest ever.


What sweet and special friends to love her so well!


This party was literally so easy…

polka dotted wrapping paper for the kids’ tablecloths

doughnuts and plastic straws for the milk bottle drinks (thanks for grabbing some extra, Mom!)

sprinkles and icing kept them occupied!

Hobby Lobby doughnut decor and voila!