Slowly, you will see as I continue to integrate photography and our home blog. These two loves mean so much to me and eventually, I would love to have them all in one place. Your grace and kind words as we walk through this journey mean so much to me.

I met Ashley freshman year of college. We danced together and immediately, her creative brain blew me away. Her knack for choreography and her creativity is unmatched. It’s no secret this is why she is a successful engineer and dance coach now.

And when she met Brian, it was an instant connection. His tender spirit as a high school teacher and coach combined with her unending gracefulness and compassion was the most perfect match.

And you can see all of that in big sister, Hattie. Her spunk, her smile, her care for her new baby sister.

And baby Clara is oh, so loved. Her entrance into this world graceful and beautiful melting everyone’s hearts when they found out she was a girl.

Hattie’s forever best friend.