I met Savanna about a month ago for her maternity session and immediately, it clicked. She laughed and smiled and I watched her sweet husband, in his adoration and thought of the adoration of our Father.

His friendship with us.


And this job that allows me to make the very best of friends. So much so that when I walked into Savanna’s home, I hugged her neck so tight, so thrilled to meet baby Addison because it was just yesterday she was in her mommy’s tummy!

And now, here she is!

A week earlier than planned, yet more beautiful than ever imagined.

She smiled for us, over and over. And so many times when I had JUST put the camera down!

And together we laughed about how even at a week old, we could see her personality already shining through.

Savanna and Andrew, you are treasures. Baby Addison sure is a blessed little girl!