Today, I am so honored to join these talented bloggers as they share their gorgeous tables. Just getting the post ready for today and seeing their details, I am blown away. I cannot wait for you to see all of them!

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a A few weeks ago, I shared that I wrote this post, felt so confident about it and then lost the entire thing.

Wonderful, right?

I was frustrated but honestly, I just laughed because truth be told, I’m never one to be ahead of the game, planning-wise. Now, let me say business-wise, I have photo sessions scheduled through July but as far as blogging, being on time places (other than sessions), I tend to squeeze more in that generally fits.

So when I had the words for this post floating around, I wrote them down and loved what I had.

And then it was gone.

So here I am, starting over, which is a metaphor all in itself.

Because two years ago, I was NOT setting a table every day. Two years ago, we were hoping dinner lasted more than ten minutes.

And now, like I told someone the other day, I think these ages of my kids are my very favorite!

But let me back up! If you’re new here, my name is Amber and we live in a VERY old house–like over one hundred years old that we gutted to the core when my boys were both under two. Fun, right? Well, yes and no. Because all of our money went to places you can’t see…inside the walls, under the house, so that left no money for my dream kitchen complete with custom cabinets and a double oven.

Hence the reason, I found this amazing dining room table complete with chairs that I begged my grandmother to pick up for me on senior citizen day at Goodwill.

Fast forward three years and we added another little girl to the mix and somewhere along the way, God told me to quit my job and take over a photography business. His dreams are much greater than mine.

And among those dreams?

Lingering around this table.

This table mixed with our everyday china and plastic forks.

This table mixed with thrifted pieces and thrifted chargers.

This table with a centerpiece that used to be an old light and instead is filled with flowers and plastic eggs from Michaels.

This table that is my very favorite when surrounded with these little blonde heads and on Saturdays when it’s filled with our very favorite boys.

This table that sees so much.This table that’s covered in marker and too many coats of paint to count.

This table that has seen the days of little ones crawling on top so there was no setting it to these big(ish) kids helping me set items out.

These days are fleeting, mamas. And there will be a day that you can actually find out what happened at school and not just give orders throughout dinner of keeping that body in a chair.

There will be a day that funny jokes are shared and laughter is endless.


There will be a day. Because that day starts today.