Every year that I taught school, I was amazed at how God had woven these exact threads together to form the family within my classroom.

The family that extended beyond the walls of the classroom.

You see, the second year I taught, I was moved from third grade to fourth grade and I had the pleasure of looping my children with  me to the next grade.

The third, fourth and fifth year I taught fourth grade and had the most beautiful students with the most gracious hearts.

My last year at Starr Elementary was special.

It was special for so many reasons but one of those being the children that step foot inside.

They were caring, kind and compassionate.

And this year, that class graduates from high school.

And this year, I have the beautiful opportunity to capture a couple of them.

One of them being Avery.

Avery, who even at age nine, stood out for his compassion, his energy and his brilliance.

Avery, who goes above and beyond in every aspect of his life.

Avery, the big brother that Abby Grace (secretly) adores.

Avery, the sparkle in his mom’s eye.

Avery, growing up before our very eyes!