On the way to this session, the song So Will I blared over the speakers in my car. And you know how sometimes, you may hear a song over and over but all of a sudden a particular part jumps out at you? That’s exactly what happened here.

“If you gladly chose surrender, so will I.”


And that could take on so many different meanings, but this day, it was the gratefulness that we surrendered our lives to God’s will and His path.

That His path included photography, even though I could have never imagined it.

Because this family became some of our dearest friends through a simple e-mail through a simple contact form on the Sugar Snap website.

And three babies later, I have the UNBELIEVABLE honor to watch their family grow. From Lana Kate’s first year, to Lana Kate meeting Charlotte, to Laura TELLING ANDREW she was pregnant!

And now to the moment Charlotte and Lana Kate met Jeremiah.

This blessing will never be lost on me.

And sweet Jeremiah Andrew, their first son, is everything they ever dreamed of and more.

Jeremiah because Andrew, his daddy, felt so called to it and he and Laura both had a complete peace over all his name entails. “Exalted and anointed by God…”

Strong roots is exactly what he will have.

 And the middle name Andrew because he will follow in his daddy’s footsteps.

Jeremiah Andrew Williams.

A beautiful blessing for a beautiful family.

“As you speak, a hundred million galaxies are born; in the vapor of your breath the planets form…if the stars were made to worship, So Will I.”