Today, we are so excited to share our simple, easy tips to having a fun summer get together!

Plus, I’m joining other friends who are sharing their gorgeous ideas, as well!

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1. When preparing your menu, make something you have made before.

Nothing can be worse than having a big together, having all your friends over and then that new recipe you found on Pinterest being a huge fail! I always make the same simple appetizers and same simple desserts. It almost becomes your signature, too, because people know what to expect when you are cooking (and cook I am not!)

2. Use disposable products (you’ve heard me say this 1000 times)

What can be more frustrating than a fun night together then walking in the kitchen to a ton of dishes that need to be washed! This is where I love using disposable items. I will probably still use the same serving pieces but those usually only take a couple of minutes to wash!

3. Make everything ahead of time

Be prepared ahead of time! Of course, I don’t mean those casual summer get together that you decide at the absolute last minute. I mean, those events that you know you have coming up on the calendar. What can you knock out ahead of time so prep is easy at the last minute and you aren’t still getting ready and making dishes as your friends arrive?

4. Always make it casual.

If you’ve been around for a while, which most of you have, you know the values we hold in our home and we want everyone to feel like they are at home, too. Things don’t have to be fussy or extravagant. Simplicity goes a long way. Something simple as tossing a blanket over a seat makes guests feel like they can curl up and stay awhile.

5. When preparing the table, use wrapping paper as a table runner!

This includes another item you can just throw away when the party is over! We did this for Callie’s third birthday and it was SO cute, especially for kids because then you don’t have to worry about things staining that nice tablecloth. I wanted to have an example of this for you because I found some cute ticking stripe wrapping paper in the attic but once I put the flowers on the table, I realized I didn’t really need anything else.

6. Use a cute bed sheet as a table cloth

You’ve seen my tablecloth we have used so many times!

7. Reuse floral foam and flowers from your own yard as centerpieces and from your neighor’s yard!

I drove around to my friends’ houses all morning to add flowers to this. I had these gorgeous pink roses my sweet dancers gifted me last week and I was sooo excited to use them. Then, I cut eucalyptus from a neighbor, gardenias from the same yard, ferns from another neighbor and boxwood from my own yard.

8. Finally, keep those flowers low so you can see everyone at the table.

I love gorgeous centerpieces but I love eye contact more. And I enjoy conversation where I can see each person around the table. Using this centerpiece allows the conversation to flow and moments that foster intentionality.

9. Linger.

This is a rule. You must be willing to linger if you’re going to come over for any meal. It’s my very favorite thing to do is linger around the table soaking up the evening, enjoying the conversation that goes deeper in those longer moments. These are the moments I never want to forget.