Audrey is my oldest cousin. Her dad and my dad are brothers. And my entire life I looked up to her.

(This is Audrey with her first grandchild!)

Audrey is a gift. The way she lights up a room and lights up a stage is something I always wanted to emulate. She and I both danced for the same studio and her group.was.incredible. I mean, they were ABSOLUTELY amazing. Every time they took the stage, their group won. And every time she and another girl did a duet, they won at every single competition.

She is so talented and so creative in so many aspects of her life.

But Audrey will tell you that in high school, she may have veered off course a little more than the her parents may have liked.

But Audrey will also tell you, the way the Lord has interceded in her life is a gift.

Audrey would tell you that her story is not unusual, and neither is yours. But the way she listened to His nudges are unique.

To be honest, I don’t know how the Anderson Pregnancy Center came into her life but I know it changed her.

Her friendships, her impact, her light all expanded. Her impact already changed all of us that have the honor of calling her family but now that impact is reaching Anderson County and beyond.

As the director of Anderson Pregnancy Center, Audrey meets new friends everyday and she gets to share her story of how the Lord changed her. Of how He met her in the lowest point of her life, brought her to her knees and how she will spend the rest of her days worshiping Him.

Audrey will tell you that APC changed her life.

But the truth is, APC is changed because of Audrey.

Her dedication, her compassion, her PASSION for this community is evidence of grace and mercy only gifted by the Lord.

Audrey will tell you how amazing the girls she meets truly are.

And those girls will tell you the same about her.

This past Friday night, I had the honor of attending a high school graduation and the salutatorian said something I’ll never forget, “Sometimes the elevator to success is broken and we have to use the stairs.”

And I will tell you this about Audrey, she found those stairs. And when she reached the top, she busted the door open.

And on June 10, the ribbon will be cut at a brand new center. One full of hopes and dreams. One prayed over every single day before there even was a center. A center of love, grace and mercy.

A center Audrey and her team dreamed of for so many days.

A center where girls in our community can find their true center.

Because sometimes there a lot of elevators that have broken down, and it’s our job to help others find the stairs.

And Audrey’s example is the epitome of that compassion it takes to change lives.

We all just have to surrender just like Audrey did.


And you can help. I kept telling Audrey how amazing you all were and that you would want to help. They need a few things for their new center and if someone donated it generously, they would be thrilled and so humbled by your generosity (this was my idea not theirs!). If you are able and feel led, here are some of their needs:

View the registry here 

(these are simple items like bottles, a rug for their new playroom, tables and chairs for classes, etc.!)

Watch the video here