I have thought about what having a blogging schedule looks like since when we meet here, we talk about beautiful babies and families, how our homes impact and change us, and just life in general. In addition, I’ve been praying a lot about sharing some “tips” with you. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you know that’s where we spend most of our time on education and life updates, but I thought you may find some applicable here, too!

ANYWAY! All that to say, here is what I’m thinking—Tuesday Tips, Wednesdays at Home, and Friday Friends.

On Tuesdays, I’ll share a little tip with you.

On Wednesdays, I’ll share a home update with you.

On Fridays, I will share some of my newest friends with you!

So without further ado, here are my NEW FRIENDS, the RAINES!


I mean, she basically had to kick me out because I could not stop taking their pictures.

You can tell Layla-Kate’s sweet daddy grew up with sisters because he was so patient with his girls, “posed” so perfectly without any prompting and of course, my favorite—he couldn’t keep his eyes off his first girl.

This beautiful family stole my heart and to say they are smitten with their girl is an understatement.

And how can you not be? Look at this gorgeous one.

Residing in the most beautiful, thought out nursery.

Complete with a leopard rocker that was EXACTLY what Anna-Katherine envisioned. Literally, she looked everywhere then walked into a store one day and someone had brought the exact one she wanted back!

These high school sweethearts are precious and adored by so many and I’m the newest one they’re adding to their list of people that adore them. 🙂

Thank you, friends. I cannot wait to see you again!