Happy Wednesday! If you’ve been around for a while, you may remember the story of our dining room table and how it came to be ours. When we bought our old house and began remodeling, I was browsing thrift stores for light fixtures, I accidentally spotted a table I loved!

And the best part? Only 99 bucks.

Done, right?

Nope, I snapped a picture and went about my way (with a $6.99 brass lantern).

I called my mom after my “quick” trip all over town to find cheap lights (I know…more trouble than it’s worth) and showed her a picture of the table. She said, “Did you get it?” “No, I said slowly.  “It was $99.” She stopped. “Amber! The chairs are worth that!”

I get home and showed my husband the picture. He said, “Did you get it?”  “No,” I said slowly. “It was $99.” And deja vu. Same answer from him.

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