Disney World.


On Sunday morning, July 14, the baby of the family was ready to have her baby. But her big sister and her mom weren’t exactly IN town. The big sister and mom who WORK at the hospital where the baby would be born and normally live there they work so much or down the street at Anderson University as a professor of nurses YET when Scarlett Rae decided she was ready to make her appearance, they were not, well…in Anderson.

Speeding home as fast as she could, Cindy left Charleston.

Changing flights and running to different airports, Heather took off trying to make it in time.

And they both did.

Heather on two wheels right before it was time to push.

Cindy, in time to be sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.

Holly, gorgeous, calm as a cucumber and all smiles as she waited for two of her favorite people to be there.

And Jeremy Lee. Not sure what to expect, as he kept saying, yet loving every minute.

And Scarlett Rae, she entered this world beautiful as could be.

Loved by SO many.

Welcomed by an abundance of family.

And already showing everyone who is in charge.

Because at 37 weeks and 4 days, no one expected this sweet girl to say hello QUITE yet.

But that she did, and are they ever grateful.

Because they are just not sure how they lived without her in their lives this long.